Peterson Quality Malt

Peterson Quality Malt was founded by Andrew Peterson in 2014.

As a home brewer with thoughts of opening his own brewery Andrew started out making malt in his
kitchen in order to brew a truly local beer. Malting on a small scale introduced elements of farming, science, engineering, and hand crafted artisanry and he found that it fit his drive and personality well. He has immersed himself in malting, attended a course at the Canadian Malt Barley Technical Centre in Winnipeg,
Manitoba, talked to farmers, studied books on malting, and practiced, learning by trial and error. It quickly became apparent that malting was very labor and time intensive and with the rise of so many amazing brewers and distillers in the area, the decision was made to malt full time and supply the area with local malts.

I wasn’t planning on becoming a farmer initially,
but it has become one of the hats I'm wearing as well.
—Andrew Peterson

The first version of the malt house was built in an old hay barn next to his home in Monkton, VT. Demand for his malts necessitated the expansion of the business. This led to the acquisition of the Nordic Farms in Charlotte, VT with new partners from Hotel Vermont.

As the demand for Vermont grown and malted grains continues to increase
beyond what I can produce in Monkton, the opportunity to expand to the iconic
Nordic Farm is something I could not turn down. The new partnership with Hotel
Vermont’s owners is turning a dream into reality. We share common values and
goals, and I am humbled to be the steward bringing this historic property into the
—Andrew Peterson

Following an exhausting year reworking of the entire facility the Nordic Farm is now home to a state of the art high volume malthouse, a soon to be certified organic farm offering meats and vegetables, and a flour mill, all under the PQM brand. The Farm also plays host to a variety of other independent agricultural businesses including a shrimp farm, barrel aging, a bakery and flower farm.

Peterson Quality Malt is able to malt 35 tons of grain per batch, making them the 2nd largest craft malt house in the United States.

Working with over a dozen farmers statewide to grow grains for malting, PQM currently oversees 1500 acres of cropland with a longterm goal of managing 7000 acres in the
future, allowing us to use 100% Vermont grown grains in all of our malts.